Is patternmaking and machine applique easy? You can learn in this class. If you want to sew a top, bottom, or dress, then stitching garments for fun as well as for sale, this class's for you. This project starts right with identifying your own individual style, then teaches you the skills - measurement and pattern selection, machine operation and tailoring. Finally, you'll discover fabric, notions and sewing techniques - everything you need to get started creating your wardrobe.

Children's Clothing

Complete a one-piece of children's clothing with the help of a knowledgeable assistant. You'll explore various patterns and fabric types and get a chance to see your creation take form. This is a sewing class where quality is emphasized rather than an assembly line.

Join our class to learn about pattern drafting, sewing techniques, fabrics, patterns for children. In our classes, you will learn the skills to sew with children's clothing from the very beginning through completion of a final project.


Wear that coat all winter long with confidence, knowing that you made it yourself! Learn how to choose the right pattern, fabric, and notions; how to take accurate measurements, and start machine-stitching right away!

This is not a beginners class. Previous sewing experience required.


Create a hat or a bag. Start with a design. Then, choose the right pattern, fabric and notions. Each project is broken down into manageable sections, and you work at your own pace. We provide a detailed, step-by-step pattern with easy to follow instructions. We'll help you understand how to take accurate measurements, basic machine use, and garment construction basics.


Whether you want to start your new career in cosplay, re-enact a historical period, or follow a favorite character that you created, this is the perfect beginners course for you! With an expert in sewing on hand to guide you, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create your own beautiful creations.

This sewing class spans everything from sewing notions to making the necessary alterations. Working at your own pace, you'll finish with a final costume that's uniquely you!

Fashion Wig

This wig is easy for beginners, with easy-to-follow instructions for making a fashionable head piece. These costume wigs are made with fabric trim, a fun and creative alternative to animal fur or synthetic hair. Fun project for all skill levels.

Fashion Re-Makings

This clothing upcycle is your guide to a total makeover. Learn the art of turning old clothing into fun, fashionable pieces. Choose from a variety of projects with step-by-step instructions, then work at your own pace.