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Sustainable Sewing

One-of-a-kind sewing that promotes a zero-waste world. Our sewists are those who enjoy the exclusivity of expressing themselves through unique pieces and have an appreciation for a sustainable life. 

Meet The Owner

I taught myself how to sew at 11 by making dresses for my dolls out of old socks but it wasn't until after college that I really became obsessed with costume design and dressmaking. I worked as a costume designer for local artists and in theater for 5 years where I learned a lot about garment construction and really improved my fitting and repair skills.


I find myself thinking about sewing almost all of the time and one of my favorite things is the design process - I love working out which type of fabric would be best for a pattern or searching for the right design to turn some unloved fabric into a cherished garment. Dresses and coats are my favorite things to make - dresses are just fun to sew and coats need a lot of precision and tailoring, which I really enjoy. We all know that fast fashion is causing harm to the planet and I don't want to be a contributing factor. This is why I don't commission bolts of fabric and churn out huge runs of product. Instead, I create garments from rescued fabric that can be loved and worn, instead of thrown away and forgotten.


With me. students learn how to sew something that they'll love and want to wear for a long time. In return, we're both doing our bit for the planet! 

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